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Find the Best Pulmonologists – Chest Specialist Doctor in Greater Noida

Chest Specialist Doctor in Noida

A physician who focuses on the identification and management of various respiratory problems is known as a pulmonologist. The best pulmonologist in Noida assists in the treatment of lung diseases. Some of them, like the flu or pneumonia, are only mildly contagious. They do, however, also assist serious medical disorders such persistent coughing and difficulty breathing.

Pulmonology is one of the many subspecialties of internal medicine dealing with adult health. They concentrate on treating disorders that affect and impact the respiratory system. The chest specialist doctors in Noida are knowledgeable in the treatment of a variety of lung diseases, such as emphysema, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Conditions Pulmonologists will Treat

  • A genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis causes your mucus to become sticky and can collect inside your lungs.
  • A set of illnesses known as interstitial lung diseases cause your lungs to harden and scar.
  • Lung artery hypertension, or pulmonary hypertension, is a condition.
  • When the airways in your lungs are enlarged, flabby, or scarred, it is known as bronchiectasis. It makes clearing the mucus challenging.

Different Methods Pulmonologists use to Determine Lung Conditions:

A pulmonologist studies the lungs and performs several tests to identify the type of lung issue. A best hospital in Greater Noida may recommend the following tests to determine the root of your problem.

  • You may start by getting a blood test, which is really important. It enables doctors to check your oxygen levels and determine other disease causes from your blood. 
  • Your doctor may perform a bronchoscopy. A short flexible tube with a camera will be introduced within the body to inspect the lungs and airways for infections. 
  • Another test that will be suggested is an X-ray. The ability to view your chest helps doctors identify any problems. They expose you to very low radiation doses to obtain an image of your lungs. 
  • A second X-ray and CT scan produce more accurate images of your chest, making detecting your illness easier. 


If you are suffering from a cough then you must look for the Greater Noida hospital list which will help in identifying and managing respiratory illnesses and ailments that affect the lungs and respiratory system. These pulmonologists are well known for their clinical proficiency, compassionate patient care, and dedication to keeping up with the most recent developments in pulmonology.

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