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Importance of Pulmonologists- Chest Specialist in Greater Noida

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  • Obstructive sleep apnea causes frequent breathing pauses that interfere with your sleep cycle.
  • Pulmonary or lung artery hypertension is a medical disorder.
  • Bronchiectasis is the medical term for when the airways in your lungs are swollen, flabby, or scarred. It makes it difficult to get rid of the mucus.

Different Techniques used by Pulmonologists to assess Lung conditions

  • In order to determine the specific type of lung ailment, a pulmonologist examines the lungs and runs a number of tests. The following tests may be suggested by a best chest specialist in Greater Noida to find the source of your issue.
  • A blood test is a great place to start and is quite essential. It enables medical experts to keep an eye on your oxygen saturation and find additional disease causes in your blood. 
  • A bronchoscopy may be performed by your doctor. To check the lungs and airways for infections, a short flexible tube with a camera will be inserted within the body. 
  • An X-ray will also be suggested as a test. It is easier for doctors to diagnose any issues when they can see your chest. 
  • The images of your chest produced by a second X-ray and CT scan are more accurate, which makes it simpler to identify your sickness. 
  • A blood test is an ideal place to start and is quite important. It lets medical professionals examine your blood to assess your oxygen levels and identify other disease causes. 


The Greater Noida hospital list will assist in locating and treating respiratory illnesses and conditions affecting the respiratory system and lungs if you have a cough. These pulmonologists have become known for their clinical expertise, sympathetic patient care, and commitment to staying current with pulmonology’s latest advances.

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