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Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi NCR

robotic knee replacement surgery greater Noida


The knee is, as is common knowledge, a complex joint. During robotic knee replacement surgery in greater Noida, the patient’s damaged knee joint is replaced using a robotic limb or other handheld robotic instrument. The procedure is comparable to a conventional knee replacement, but a robot enhances the surgeon’s efficiency.

Despite the appellation, robots are not limited to use in robotic surgery alone. Alternatively, a robot could guide the surgeon during the knee replacement procedure.

What are the steps involved in Robotic Knee Surgery?

Before inserting the knee implant, the surgeon uses handheld robotics to sculpt the adjacent bone. To examine even the most inaccessible portion of the knee, each area is meticulously navigated. A 3D model of a patient’s knee is created. It helps plot precise angles and cuts. The anatomy of the patient and the plant are used to determine the specifics of each knee replacement procedure. Only the fractured bone is extracted.

Robot-assisted knee replacement advantages:

Initial concerns about robotic surgery were numerous. However, the efficacy of robotic knee replacement surgery has dispelled these concerns.

Numerous patients who have undergone robotic knee replacement surgery in Noida have benefited from it and fully recovered.

Robotic surgery technology has played a revolutionary role that cannot be adequately conveyed in words. But now we’ve reached a conclusion summarizing the numerous benefits of robotic knee replacement.

The accuracy

Using robotics in this procedure enhances surgical precision in the affected knee region. Due to the ability to make precise incisions and cuts at precise angles, the surgical procedure is constrained and precise. This helps secure the healthy adjacent tissues that do not require treatment. It is crucial to remember that this approach does not revolve around humans but rather robots.

Limiting Exposure

A CT scan is superfluous before robotic knee replacement surgery. A CT scan exposes patients to radiation equivalent to 48 chest X-rays.

Extremely Precise Instrumentation

Utilizing modern surgical instruments, the procedure continues. Its purpose is to guarantee that surgically determined bone resurfacing objectives are attained. The surgical plan of knee replacement surgeon in greater Noida, and associated instruments are inseparable. It is also essential to note that surgical success is not solely dependent on the available instruments. They are necessary for the operation to proceed normally.

Computronically Assisted

Only with the assistance of a computer program can consistent and reliable results be attained. It eliminates the possibility of error. These programs are intended to maximize surgical efficacy.

Handpiece Assisted by Robotics

The handpiece permits minimally invasive incisions. The robotic handpiece enables the surgeon to make a precision incision, implant, and access even the most inaccessible knee areas.

Ability to adapt

Freedom of movement is another benefit of total knee replacement in greater Noida. Numerous implant types are available, and ligaments can be dynamically balanced at multiple locations.

Today, robotic knee replacement surgery is common in Greater Noida and the Delhi NCR.

An orthopedic doctor in greater Noida can precisely replace a patient’s knee using robotic surgery. The patient will have a more pleasant knee replacement experience due to robotic technology, which enables the surgeon to position implants with near-perfect exposure and nearly 100 percent precision.

BMM is an integral component of the robotic system, providing the physician with the highest precision and safety during the operation. The system immediately stops the commotion and safeguards the case in question. This advanced capability of robotic BMM provides the utmost surgical precision and patient safety.

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